Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do physical therapists do?
Physical therapists apply research and proven techniques to help people get back in motion. They are trusted health care professionals with extensive clinical experience who examine, diagnose, and then prevent or treat conditions that limit the body's ability to move and function in daily life.  (Adapted from the American Physical Therapy Association website. See for more information)

What type of training/education do physical therapists have?
Most physical therapists are required to receive a clinical doctorate from an accredited physical therapist program before taking the national licensure examination that allows them to practice. State licensure is required in each state in which a physical therapist practices. Therapists who have been practicing 10 years or longer may have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in physical therapy. (See for more information)

What can I expect from my first visit?
Initial Processing
When you arrive for your first appointment, you will be greeted by the receptionist who will assist you in gathering necessary admission information. The information will be processed and the physical therapist will review your information prior to bringing you back for your appointment. Your first appointment time will allow sufficient time for processing prior to seeing the therapist.

The Evaluation
You will be seen for the initial evaluation by the physical therapist.

The therapist will then formulate a list of problems you are having, and how to treat those problems. A plan is developed with your input. This includes how many times you should see the therapist per week, how many weeks you will need therapy, home programs, patient education, and goals. This plan is created with input from you, your therapist, and your doctor.

What shall I bring to my first visit?
Please bring a photo ID, your insurance cards, a prescription if you have it, a list of your medications with dosages and frequency, and any relevant results from diagnostic testing such as x-ray and MRI reports.

What do I wear?
Wear comfortable clothing which will allow you to move freely. We provide gowns and sheets to provide optimal privacy if necessary. 

Does insurance cover my visits?
Our physical therapy sessions are routinely covered by Medicare and private insurance companies. Policies vary widely, but as a general rule, you can expect to pay a co-pay or coinsurance which is set by your insurance company. We are happy to assist you with understanding your specific physical therapy benefits and financial responsibilities based on your insurance policy. Our office staff will contact your insurance carrier to verify your benefits prior to your first visit, and share that information with you upon arrival. Please call with any questions; we are here to make your experience as easy and worry free as possible.

How many visits will I need?
The number of visits will vary depending on the care you need. You and your therapist will discuss options that are available, and decide on a plan of care together.

How long is each session?
Each session is approximately 1 hour long. We start all appointments at the top of each hour. We understand that your time is valuable, and we take pride in keeping your appointment time on schedule.

Will it hurt?
Although some physical therapy procedures can be painful, we at Forté Rehabilitation and Wellness Center strive to keep you comfortable and reduce your pain. Most patients experience a decrease in pain at the end of each session. Treatments can be adapted to your comfort level. Communication with the therapist is the best way to ensure a successful and comfortable session.

What happens if my symptoms return after completion of therapy?
We believe in staying in touch with you after your discharge from therapy. The physical therapist will schedule you for regular follow up visits to ensure that you are doing ok or make changes to your self care regimen if necessary. If you experience a return of your symptoms after completion of therapy, we recommend that you call Forté and speak to your therapist. You may be advised to return to Forté for a re-evaluation, return to your physician, or simply adjust your home management program.

Why did my doctor recommend Forté Rehabilitation and Wellness Center?
Forté Rehabilitation and Wellness Center has an outstanding reputation in South Texas when it comes to rehabilitation for cancer patients. We work very closely with many oncology physicians in San Antonio and surrounding areas. We have successfully treated patients from all over South Texas and Mexico; from McAllen and Del Rio in the South, Austin and Fredericksburg to the North. Our physical therapists have advanced oncology training outside the usual physical therapy curriculum, and utilize many techniques not familiar to most PTs.

Have more questions?
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