San Antonio Neurologic Rehabilitation

Forté’s therapists help treat and manage problems caused by disease or trauma of the nervous system. Difficult tasks such as standing, walking, getting in & out of bed, going up & down stairs and other activities of daily living can often be improved with physical therapy. The therapists at Forté have the skills and resources to provide advanced treatment and planning for ambulatory patients with neurological deficits.

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Our therapists begin by performing a thorough evaluation that involves an analysis of movement patterns, posture, reflexes, coordination, and gait, as well as strength and range of motion. After the evaluation, a specialized therapy program is designed based on the individual’s unique problems and goals. Treatment for neurologic problems can vary considerably. Patients may require therapy for basic skills such as learning to roll in bed, or more advanced skills such as walking safely in the dark. Treatment may also include recommendations and training in the use of adaptive equipment to help patients get around in their environment more safely and easily. Our therapists use a variety of creative therapeutic techniques that help retrain the brain and nervous system, improve the way the body moves, and make life easier and more enjoyable.

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